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I Zombie I

Monday, January 10th, 2011

From Misty Baker of

“…as for “I Zombie I,” it’s completely ridiculous, BUT (and that is a really big but so pay attention) in a completely wonderful way. Incorporating the sarcastic humor of say… “Shaun of the Dead” and the desperation of “28 Days Later” Wallen managed to blaze a path that felt both original, and undeniably refreshing.”

“Opting for sarcasm over pure terror made this one of the funniest books I have read in a while, and in doing so, captured a (very highly coveted) place in my zombie hall of fame. No worries though… this book was NOT all about blood slushys and sound bombs, there WAS a deeper story intertwined, one of hope, love, and the recognization of loneliness, making this a well rounded and spectacularly written piece of literature.”

“The virus has spread.”

In a moment of pure chaos, the majority of the Earth’s population has become the walking dead. One man promises to help bring the truth to light.

“The lies have spread.”

When journalist Jacob Plummer is infected, Jacob turns to the written word to
not only ease the pain of change, but to bring to surface a truth far deeper and
deadlier than anyone could have imagined.

“The truth must now be spread.”

With some new friends, Jacob helps to fight off the growing undead horde in
hopes of saving himself and the planet from the rot growing within.

Welcome to the new world order

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

If you haven’t noticed, the landscape has changed. Nothing around us is the same. The old guard has withered away and has been replaced by a faster, more immediate standard. That is the present and the future of publishing. It’s digital. It’s eBooks. And this is a boon to writers new and old. But you have to grab hold of that ring before someone else does.

And that is the very heart of the reason for bringing to life Autumnal Press. Here horror and fantasy will find life in digital (and only digital) form. Autumnal Press is very new, so please be patient as it rises from the soul and heart of one man to become a force to be reckoned with in the realm of horror and fantasy fiction.

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